Parenting with Purpose Conference 


Forever Families provides:

An interactive parenting conference to equip and encourage parents on both ends of the spectrum: those who are expecting through those with children who are young adults.


Publicity materials: customized posters, promotional video, and slide 


Parenting with Purpose Conference schedule:


Morning worship service(s) for the entire congregation, focused on whether the way people are treating those in their family will leave a legacy of baggage or blessings. This allows parents who haven’t yet registered to register for the afternoon’s sessions.


Working lunch for parents with two sessions followed by Q&As immediately following the worship services. Sessions challenge parents to consider what they are ultimately called to teach their children, and how they are to live those lessons in front of their children using many tangible ideas. Overall conference length is 31⁄2 hours with two 10-minute breaks included.


Church provides:


Honorarium of $4,000 plus travel expenses for Jeff & Debby McElroy.  Expenses include air travel and rental car (includes flights, excess baggage fees, airport parking and mid-sized car). If the church is less than a 5-hour drive, then the church will pay mileage at 56 cents per mile. In addition, the church will pay for lodging and a meal per diem of $46 per person per day for the McElroys from the time they leave until their return home. If breakfast is provided by the hotel, or a meal is provided by the church, per diem amount will be adjusted accordingly. Partial travel days are pro-rated.


Prop and tech needs for the McElroys


Childcare for parents


Lunch for parents to eat during the parenting conference.


For a PDF file that explains the pricing click here


For more information on the ministry of Jeff and Debby McElroy and Forever Families Inc. click here.

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