Jeff & Debby McElroy became so burdened by the breakdown of families and its impact on children and youth, they left their careers at IBM and teaching and dedicated themselves to marriage and family ministry. Since taking that step of faith in 1984, they have become one of the most sought-after marriage and family conference speakers across the country. Only a few moments into one of their conferences and you will see why. They are real people. No psycho-babble. Just plain talk from the heart of their marriage and family to the heart of yours.

Jeff and Debby have worked extensively with churches like Willowcreek Community Church, leading marriage and parenting conferences, with companies like Chick-fil-A, as adjunct faculty for the WinShape Marriage initiative, and as guest speakers for national conferences like the Moody Publishing Pastor’s Conference and LifeWay’s Festivals of Marriage. As speakers, authors and award-winning actors, they have a unique way of mixing their entertaining creativity with wit, wisdom, honesty and spiritual insight that will leave you with more than just information. You'll have experienced a landmark moment in your marriage and family.

Jeff and Debby McElroy's heart has always been for their ministry to meet the needs of the church and be accessible to fellowships of all sizes. They have witnessed the impact the the economic downturn has had on churches and in response, have lowered the price of their conferences. For a document that explains the price of each conference please click on the conference name, Marriage Tune Up, Home Improvement, Parenting with Purpose and Love & Laughter Date Nights.

I have known Jeff and Debby McElroy for several years. Their ministry in the area of marriage and family is powerful. Their creative skills yielded to the Holy Spirit have awakened many a sleepy marriage. I wholeheartedly recommend their ministry.

Dr. Gary Chapman, Popular Speaker and Author of the best selling book, "The Five Love Languages"

Thanks so much for the wonderful weekend retreat you conducted for us at Lake Lawn. This was the first retreat we have done and the response has exceeded our expectations. Your insights and the great blend of teaching, music, and drama touched our couples. I can't remember when I have seen a program that presented marriage material in such a realistic, heartfelt manner with good scriptural integration. You were brilliant with your insights, humor, and delivery!

Rick Mink, Director - Marriage Ministries, Willow Creek Community Church

This was a surprise! My wife insisted we come to this and I reluctantly agreed. It didn't hurt at all - in fact, I actually liked it! The way you presented the material completely disarmed me. The comedy of the sketches and your humor in you teaching made me feel comfortable, while the transparency you showed by sharing the struggles from your own marriage forced me to be honest with myself. This was like watching that Home Improvement TV show and scoring brownie points with my wife at the same time!

A conference attendee

We are still floating around somewhere closer to heaven because of what God allowed us to experience over the weekend. In my fifteen years of ministry I would have to rank Sunday's commitment service in the top two or three worship experiences I have ever had it was the natural (or supernatural) result of all the seeds you had planted throughout the weekend. The families who participated in our Home Improvement Weekend will surely never be the same! I want to especially thank you for the honesty that permeated your hard-hitting message. From the viewpoint of someone who has always been involved in family ministry, I could easily see the amount of research that has gone into your presentations. Everything was presented professionally and with an obvious foundation of wisdom and understanding.

Rich Hamrick, Minister of Education and Youth

In my thirty years of ministry, I don't believe I've ever seen a better presentation. Jeff and Debby have a gift like no other I've seen to lead a service in a way every age is hanging on every word. When they met with our groups individually, it was amazing how they walked into the living room of each age and brought the Holy Spirit right in with them.

David Rich, Pastor

Thank you for ministering to our church family this weekend. God has uniquely gifted you to help bring the hearts of homes to the heart of God. What you have shared with us has challenged us and we will be better families for having sat under your teaching. May God continue to abundantly bless your ministry giving you many more opportunities to point families to Him.

Ray Finger, Children and Preteen Pastor, Prince Ave Baptist Church, Athens, GA
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