Home Improvement Conference 


Forever Families Provides:

An action-packed, dynamic weekend that allows each of the age groups of the family to meet with Jeff & Debby to discuss issues directly related to each generation. Then, in a powerful family worship service, the families of your church experience the opportunity for revival to take place in their homes as they dedicate their lives to Christ and each other. This weekend has been designed to be very "community friendly." Many churches also find that they have members attend these sessions that haven't been to church in years.


Publicity materials:

Customized posters for the conference and each session, digital files for bulletin insert, brochure, powerpoint presentation, media slide, logo & photos, etc.


Home Improvement Conference schedule:


Saturday Evening:

Couples' Night Out - Dinner and entertainment for married couples of all ages: Jeff & Debby take your couples through an entertaining and enlightening evening on the fun and foibles of marriage.


Youth Conference & Pizza Bash - "Living with Your Parents Without Losing Your Mind!": This is Jeff and Debby at their best as they lead your teens through a hilarious look at surviving the minefields of family life.


Sunday Morning:


Parenting Conference - (During Small Group/Sunday School) "Secrets of Successful Parents": You'll get advice and encouragement on discipline, how to encourage your children, and how to make more time for your family.


Family Worship Time - For the entire congregation and focused on whether the way people are treating those in their family will leave a legacy of baggage or blessings. (Note: Includes up to two Worship Services. Additional services are $500 each)


Grandparent Appreciation - (Lunch) "The Grandparent's Gift": Jeff and Debby share creative ideas from Grandparents and senior adult ministries across the country on how to make a difference in the lives of their grandchildren and the children of their community.

Alternate Schedule: If it works better with your Sunday morning worship schedule, you can change the Grandparent Appreciation to a breakfast and the Parenting Conference can be a luncheon.


Church provides:


Honorarium of $5,000 plus travel expenses for Jeff & Debby McElroy. Travel expense includes air travel and rental car (including flights, excess baggage fees, airport parking and mid-sized car). If the church is less than a 5-hour drive, then the church will pay mileage at 57 cents per mile. In addition, the church will pay for lodging and a meal per diem of $46 per person per day for the McElroys from the time they leave until their return home. If breakfast is provided by the hotel, or a meal is provided by the church, per diem amount will be adjusted accordingly. Partial travel days are pro-rated.


Prop and tech needs for the McElroys


Childcare for parents during the Couples' Night Out


Meals for Couples' Night Out, Teen Pizza Bash and Grandparent Appreciation (breakfast or lunch)


For a PDF file that explains the pricing of the Home Improvement Conference click here.


For more information on the ministry of Jeff and Debby McElroy founders of Forever Families Inc. click here.



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