Chambers Ministry Group, LLC was founded in 1997 by Jeff Chambers. During eighteen years as a minister, Jeff realized that a link between traveling ministries and churches was missing. That link was a ministry to coordinate and manage Christian speakers, artists and performers and to connect them with a church's specific needs. While these speakers, artists and performers may have had a heart geared toward ministry, and the local church's needs may have been based on ministry, the booking agency that linked the two together did not always have the same focus.

Chambers Ministry Group represents some of America's most sought-after Christian speakers, artists, and performers, and meets the need for a wide variety of church ministries, including Marriage and Family, Youth, Children, Parenting, Worship, and Men's, and Women's ministries.

We have been where you are. We know your need for ministries with integrity and artists who have a heart and passion for God. It is our calling to provide them for you.

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