Mark Thompson is a popular and extremely skilled ventriloquist/comedian. His incredible gifts of ventriloquism, song, and comedic puppetry have given him the rare and refreshing ability to provide wholesome, uplifting, Christian entertainment -  something which is in short supply in today's culture. Mark Thompson & The Wooden Heads have been successfully delivering God's message of love, devotion, and forgiveness for 20+ years, and his ability to adapt his show to accommodate many diverse audience types has him topping the list of best and most highly sought-after Christian entertainers and family acts in the country. 

Mark has a variety of delightful characters that will warm the hearts of your audience and highlight your event, no matter the occasion. With the help of his endearing puppet friends - "Red ", "Kirby", and "Crackers" - and his unique approach to audience participation, Mark creates a vibrant show filled with music, laughter, and most importantly -  the Gospel. This presentation captivates audiences of all ages while illustrating God's love in a friendly and accessible fashion. Mark Thompson gives us the gift of wisdom wrapped up in laughter; this is one instance where you will definitely treasure the wrapping as much as the gift!  

For over six years, Mark's ability to communicate the Gospel message with clarity and passion at our festivals has helped lead thousands of people to Christ.

Luis Palau | World Evangelist

Mark and his sidekicks will make you laugh hysterically as he simultaneously entertains you and ministers to you.

Josh McDowell | Best-selling Author and Speaker

Mark doesn’t just meet the standard of great entertainment, he IS the standard!

Gary Moore | Sr. Associate Pastor | Second Baptist Church | Houston, TX (2nd largest church in the U.S. with 47,000 members)

In all of my 30 years of ministry I have never met a better entertainer.

Dick Gruber | Children’s Ministries Specialist

We absolutely LOVED Mark Thompson. My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard!

A Children's Pastor in Washington

Our experience with Mark was tremendous. He captivated the children from the first minute. His simple Gospel presentation caused many children to consider their relationship with God and offered a great opportunity for discussion with many of them.

Chris Kroll | Minister of Youth and Recreation (Upward Director) | Hartford Baptist Church | Hartford, AL
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